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Excerpt from Hello Mr Officer

Hello Mr Officer, 2021
Digital video, 21 mins

In 2020, Djofray won the inaugural Goldsmiths Exhibitions Hub Alumni Commission Award, in partnership with the London Community Video Archive (LCVA), to develop a new work in response to the archive.


Following a year of research and development, Makumbu’s film Hello Mr Officer navigates the everyday experiences of young Black men from across London who are frequently stopped, searched, and harassed by the police. The work takes inspiration from films collected by the LCVA, such as The People’s Account (1985); a documentary about the Broadwater Farm riot in Tottenham, North London, made by the Black British Film collective, Ceddo Film and Video Workshop, as well as Isaac Julien’s 1983 film, Who Killed Colin Roach? (1983).

As well as using 2D and 3D drawing, sculpture, painting, clay and stop motion animation, Makumbu continues the legacy of community video from the 1970s and 80s by utilising portable video recordings (such as smartphone footage found online), and personal interviews with friends and peers to document his community and individual experiences.

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