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Poster for Lonely Tears, 2021.PNG

Poster for Lonely Tears, 2021

Lonely Tears, 2021
Performance and
digital video, 12 mins

In 2021, Djofray Makumbu staged a newly commissioned performance and audio visual work, Lonely Tears, at Studio Voltaire.


The commission combined illustration, stop motion animation and sound, including music composed by the artist, with an intersecting performance. The piece enacted a looping conversation between the artist and an antagonist, who represents a personification of his inner voice.


Lonely Tears was commissioned as part of the public programme accompanying our Studio Voltaire’s 2021 exhibition, William Scott.

Film still from Lonely Tears, 2021_2.PNG

Film still from Lonely Tears, 2021

Lonely Tears, performances at Studio Voltaire, 2021

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